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Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Resources & Media

Magnifying bookmarks are available in the library. 
Just ask
for one!! 
How to Find A Book In The Library!
Non Fiction, Large Print, Children Easy and Juvenile are located on the left, as you enter the sanctuary. Fiction is located on the right, as you enter the sanctuary. Non Fiction is shelved by Dewey Decimal Number, located on the spine of each book, as follows: 
000 Generalities                               500 Natural Science and Mathematics  100 Philosophy and Psychology        00 Technology (Applied Sciences)
200 Religion                                      700 Arts
300 Language                                    800 Literature
400 Language                                    900 Geography and History
Our library staff  and volunteers are anxious to help!

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Proverbs 1:5

A wise man will hear, and will increase learning; and a man of understanding shall attain unto wise counsels.

 Do You Have Any Torn Pages in Your Bible?
Bring it into the Library for repair with Filmoplast,
an acid-free mending tape. Made in Germany,
this product is a self-adhesive, extremely thin,
transparent special paper for invisible
mending of torn pages and documents.

Great Web Site For Kids! is the online edition of
Focus on the Family's Clubhouse magazine. 
Appropriate for elementary school aged kiddos, it
features videos, games, crafts, recipes, and more.


  New Arrivals in New Salem's Library!

For Youth:  Set Free to Choose Right - Equipping Today's Kids to Make Right Moral Choices for Life by Josh McDowell

For Elementary and Middle School Age:  My Big Book of Bible Heroes Devotional by Glenn Hascall

Fiction:  The Illusionist's Apprentice - by Kristy Cambron

Christian Living:  Hurt People Hurt People - Hope and Healing for Yourself and Your Relationships by Dr. Sandra D. Wilson

For Parents:  52 Ways to Connect With Your Smartphone Obsessed Kid - How to Engage With Kids Who Can't Seem to

Pry Their Eyes from Their Devices! by Jonathan McKee


Read the Following from The Bible Detective: Mixed-Up Stories to Test Your Bible Knowledge.  The first person to bring the correct answer into the Library will receive a hardback copy of Illustrated Life of Jesus: a Visual Retelling of His Amazing Story with photos, maps, and illustrations, by Herschel H. Hobbs.
"To say that Rhoda was a little flighty would be an understatement.  She could get caught up in the moment and forget everything that came before or the consequences that would come afterward.  That's how she was the night Peter came to the house where she was a servant.
According to all accounts pieced together, Pontius Pilate had thrown Peter and James into prison.  Peter was in one cell and James was in another.  The night before his trial Peter was not only bound with two chains, but he was also sleeping between two guards.  Sometime during the night someone struck Peter in the side.  When he looked up he saw an angel.  The room was filled with light, and the chains fell off Peter's wrists.  The angel told him to put on his clothes, his shoes, and his coat and to follow along.
Peter and the angel walked right out of the prison, passing guards all along the way.  They came to the gate of the city, which was made of iron, and it mysteriously opened to let them go through.  They flew above the city until the angel left Peter at the door of a house.  It wasn't until then that Peter realized it wasn't a dream at all: he really was out of jail!
The angel had deposited Peter at Mary's house.  In that very house Christians were praying for Peter.  Peter knocked at the entrance and, wouldn't you know, Rhoda was the one who came to the door.  Before she opened it Peter told her who he was.  She got so excited that she ran back to tell the others--before she even let Peter into the house!  Poor Peter had to continue knocking until the rest of the group came to the front of the house and finally greeted him.  He told them the story of his release and then left."
What parts of this story are inaccurate?   (Hint:  See Acts 12)