New Salem Baptist
Wednesday, March 21, 2018
    1) Donate funds:
                    Southern Baptists operate one of the largest and most well-respected private disaster relief networks in the world.  Teams of trained and credentialed volunteers from SBC churches are either on the ground or enroute to areas affected by Harvey.
Donations by check:

Send your check, made payable to the Tennessee Baptist Mission Board, to:

TN Baptist Disaster Relief 
PO Box 682789
Franklin, TN 37068

IMPORTANT: On the memo line, write "Hurricane/Flood Relief Fund." Any checks received that do not have a designation will be used for General Disaster Relief.

     2) Donate supplies:
                        Thanks to everyone who donated to our collection for victims of Hurricane Harvey. We are anticipating another collection drive to assist victims of Hurricane Irma just as soon as we hear from our partners about what they need. In the meantime, you can use the list below as a guide for assembling items to donate. Check this page regularly for updates on when and where we will be collecting items.
(other than what is specified below)
Hardware  Paper Goods
Personal Items
     __Box knives  
     __Flat pry bars  
     __Flat shovels
     __Tyvek suits 
     __Wheel barrow                                
     __Rubber gloves
     __Floor Squeegees
     __X-large garbage bags                           
     __Safety glasses
     __Leather work gloves
     __Small scrub brushes
     __Box fans
     __Scoop shovels
     __Push brooms
    __Toilet paper
    __Paper towels
    __Plastic ware
    __Feminine hygiene products
    __Baby wipes
    __Gift cards
    __New underwear (original package)
    __New socks
Create and donate a "flood bucket"!
For about $50, you can create a bucket containing many of the basic supplies a disaster relief team needs to begin cleaning out a flooded house. If carefully packed, all these items will fit into a 5-gallon bucket. Please place liquids into a gallon-sized ziplock bag before packing to avoid spillage. Here's what the teams need in each bucket:
                                                       __5 gallon plastic bucket with leakproof lid                                
                                                       __QEP all-purpose sponge (3 pk)                       
                                                       __Workforce small soft grip brush                                                                                                                                             __Retractable utility knife                               
                                                       __3M eyeglass protector                                   
                                                       __Dawn NC BA Fresh Rapids detergent (25 oz)  
                                                       __Mr. Clean Summer Citrus (40 oz)                    
                                                       __HDX N95 respirator valve (3 pk)                    
                                                       __HDX Terry Towels (4 pk)
                                                       __1 ct. heavy duty disposable green gloves
                                                       __Sharpie permanent markers (black-2pk)
                                                       __HDX all-purpose wide mouth sprayer
                                                       __E/O Conbrobium mold control spray (32 oz)
                                                       __Firm Grip 2 pk. leather palm gloves
                                                       __HDX 33 gal. drawstring bags (50 ct)
                                                       __HDX APC with bleach (32 oz)